IABTC Supersniffers Scentwork, Training, and Canine Activities 

IABTC Supersniffers Scentwork, Training, and Canine Activities 


Site and Facilities

The site

Based in Haxey Carr. Nr Doncater

Facilities on site

• 18-acre site.

• Indoors large training hall and

• Additional lecture room.

• Outdoor training areas,

• Ring set ups, woodland walks.

• Easy onsite parking

• Ample exercise areas.

• On-site camping & caravanning.

• Freedom Camping registered site

• (Free campsite membership)


Courses are run by experienced and

knowledgeable instructors in line with KCAI and NOS.

Ensuring Best Possible Canine


Preferred Educational Training Provider for KCAI. Working with KCAI to Ensure Best Possible Canine Professional Standards Non KCAI members also very welcome. 

IABTC Aims to offer the highest quality Training in a range of Dog Sports, Activities, and Canine Courses

This specialist training centre and college is dedicated to the education of dog owners and those who are teaching them - we specialise in courses, workshops and seminars for dog training instructors, behaviourists and enthusiasts.

All of our courses are carefully structured to offer you exactly what you want and need to make progress. We have highly qualified and experienced lecturers/instructors to guide you through the process. 


KCAI Links - Helping to ensure best possible canine professional standards. All of our programmes continue to ensure a good mix of theoretical/academic knowledge and practical skills, all of which provide an excellent basis to prepare you for assessment in KCAI (Kennel Club Accreditation for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour).

Stay on site - for courses or relaxing breaksDog friendly site Caravan, Campervan, Tent or even wild camping!  Freedom Camping Registered Site.Free Membership.

Diane Rhodes and Karen Holmes