IABTC Supersniffers Scentwork, Training, and Canine Activities 

IABTC Supersniffers Scentwork, Training, and Canine Activities 


Scent Ops Information

Scent Ops Trials

 Scent Ops Operational style scentwork trials was set up by Jules Clapham

The scent work trials are based on operational style searching. There are progressive levels, starting at a basic introduction to searching areas and moving on to more complex areas, multiple hides and distraction odours. Win rosettes and earn points for their  league tables. There are completion certificates for each level and achievement awards.

Basic Information.

For full details see Scent Ops website. https://www.scentops.co.uk


6 Levels to work through

CLUB-Simple search to demonstrate odour recognition and confidence searching an indoor area. One hide, dogs can get to source. 3 minutes.

BRONZE-Simple search which can be either an indoor or outdoor area. Two hides, dog can get to source. 5 minutes.

SILVER-Two hides, set to encourage clearing of the area, which should be 'real life' and offer a fair challenge. 5 minutes.

GOLD- Three hides, one of which will present a significant challenge through hide placement or search area complexity. Hides can be inaccessible and vary in strength. 8 minutes.

PLATINUM-Complex area, up to four hides, not known to handler. Blank soaks and other distraction odours can be in the area. 10 minutes.

TITANIUM-Challenging search area, number of hides appropriate for the area, which must be cleared. Area may contain multiple distractions and odour amounts will vary. Search time to be determined by judge.

Dates for Trials will be listed Below

Scent Op Trial Dates

Dates for 2024

Saturday 1st June Crowle Peatland Railway. Inter club Trial

Bronze and Silver.

Breakfast and Lunch available

Diane Rhodes and Karen Holmes